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I am Dr. Ana Sobel, a licensed psychologist and member of Capital Psychological Associates in Albany, NY.  My doctoral degree is in Clinical Psychology.  I provide therapy to individual adults and couples.  My CV is available here.


Services I Offer

Individual Therapy 


I have worked with clients who have presented with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, learning/attentional difficulties, relationship problems, eating disorders, and difficulties coping with changes.  A specialty area of mine is helping individuals recover from traumatic life events such as childhood physical/sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault in adulthood, accidents/injuries, and grief/loss.  I view therapy as an active process in which clients work toward accomplishing their identified goals both during and between sessions.  Goals are reached through gaining a deeper understanding of one’s own thoughts and feelings, practicing new skills (e.g., relaxation, interacting with others, taking care of oneself, etc.), and, at times, learning different ways to think about and react to situations.



Couples Therapy 


When working with couples, I first strive to gain an understanding of whether each member of the couple is interested in improving the relationship, ending the relationship, or is uncertain and wants to make such a decision during the course of treatment.  Once the motivations are clear, couples therapy usually involves helping each of the significant others to understand each other’s wants and needs and specific ways in which these wants and needs can be fulfilled.  Alternatively, when barriers exist that make it difficult to fulfill each member’s desires, these barriers can be explored in greater depth so that an appropriate action can take place.  

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